Man arrested after lorry smashes into home forcing kids to leap ‘from window’

Man arrested after lorry smashes into home forcing kids to leap ‘from window’

A lorry ‘deliberately’ crashed into a semi-detached home in East Kilbride, Scotland, on Monday night, leaving the front of the house ‘totally destroyed’ with bricks strewn across the ground

A man has been arrested after a lorry ‘deliberately’ smashed into a home, apparently forcing children inside to jump out of a window to safety.

The crash took place in East Kilbride, Scotland, at shortly before midnight on Monday night, the Daily Record reports.

An Eddie Stobart lorry was found abandoned in a nearby Lidl supermarket car park after the smash.

Shocking photographs show extensive damage to the front of the house, with bricks left strewn across the ground.

One witness said: “We stay in the street behind it and there was this almighty bang about half past 11.

“I went for a walk to see what was happening and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“The front of the house had been totally destroyed and all the neighbours were out.

“The police turned up very quickly and evacuated other neighbours so they weren’t taking any chances.”

Another neighbour told The Sun they heard the ‘first hit’ at around 11.20pm.

They added: “The second crash seemed deliberate. A neighbour helped two children escape out the upstairs window.

“The truck came into the estate quite fast. It took a turn into the street, and just as I thought he was reversing to turn around, he reversed into the house.

“I thought he may have taken a wrong turn and it was an accident, but he then pulled forward and smashed back into it again.”

A different neighbour said: “I saw the lorry driving at speed on the road and thought it was a bit strange but couldn’t believe it when I heard he had smashed into the house.

“It’s a miracle someone wasn’t killed.”

Emergency services were called to Lancaster Crescent at around 11.25pm following reports of the incident.

Thankfully nobody was injured however first responders remain at the scene on Tuesday afternoon.

Police Scotland earlier confirmed they were treating the crash as ‘deliberate’.

The force have now told the Daily Record that they have arrested a 33-year-old man.

Enquiries remain ongoing.